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The Ninja Turtles return, we travel through time with them

The Ninja Turtles return, we travel through time with them

One of the most beloved icons of the 90s returns in all its glory with a video game that reminds us of the great moments we spent with her

The Ninja Turtles are a symbol for many of us who live in the 90s, one of those fevers that swept everything, overcoming its humble underground beginnings to become a mass phenomenon with series, movies, merchandising and, of course, video games . In that regard, we were also fortunate that the series fell into very good hands: Konami’s in full swing, allowing us to enjoy a series of fantastic titles that still resonate with our gamer memories today.

An icon of the 90s

On the occasion of the happy announcement of a new game reminiscent of the classics by the label that brought us back Streets of Rage, DotEMU, we traveled with Salva Fernàndez for his memories of the saga, his characters, peculiarities and, of course, his favorite games within it. And there is a lot of fabric that cuts, fortunately. Thanks to Konami, the Ninja Turtles have the honor of starring in some of the best Beat’em Up of their time, and not only in arcade, but also on consoles as well, with some deliveries in particular such as Super Nintendo’s Turtles in Time that are among the best games on the system.

A video game success story

But there is more than the titles of “all against the neighborhood”, the Ninja Turtles also starred in notable fighting games or adventure platforms that spanned both 8-bit machines and NES, to the great representatives of the 16-bit, Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, and even portable machines like Game Boy or Game Boy Advance. We will talk about the best versions and installments, as well as what we know about the new game and other matters concerning the common history of the Ninja Turtles and video games, in this video full of memorable moments.

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