THQ Nordic opens a new studio in Barcelona: Alkimia Interactive will work on Gothic Remake

The well-known video game company creates a new development studio in Barcelona that will be in charge of the development of the Gothic remake.

THQ Nordic, the well-known European company based in Vienna, Austria, and dedicated to the development and publishing of video games, has announced that it is opening a new development studio in Barcelona with Alkimia Interactive, a new company that will largely handle video game titles. RPG cut and the expected Gothic Remake. This has been announced through an official statement, announcing the objectives of this new study and calling us in the near future to find out new details of future projects.

New video game development studio in Spain

Thus, this new and young video game development studio based in Barcelona aims to create new video games belonging to genres such as RPG and action adventure; so much so, that his first project will be none other than the long-awaited Gothic Remake, the re-imagining of the celebrated game two decades ago brought to our days with current technology.

THQ Nordic opens a new studio in Barcelona: Alkimia Interactive will work on Gothic Remake

According to the head of Alkimia Interactive, Reinhard Pollice, “our ambition is to become one of the best locations for the development of cutting-edge games for PC and consoles in southern Europe”, through this new and young studio formed, for now , for about 35 people. And it is that from Alkimia Interactive numerous jobs are offered to continue expanding the workforce and thus face future projects with a solid creative base.

At the moment, Gothic Remake does not have a release date, although its managers hope to share new information in the coming months; The title is scheduled to reach both PC and next-generation consoles, that is, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. “A relentless horde of orcs has invaded the kingdom of Myrtana. King Rhobar II, in need of a large quantity of magical ore to forge powerful weapons, controls the mines of Khorinis in which all available prisoners work ”, we can read in the official description of the title.

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