10 games in the Nintendo Switch eShop to start 2021 in style

We review several of the featured games to buy digitally on the Nintendo console store.

The year begins and the new resolutions begin. Among them, being able to discover various top-level games in the Nintendo Switch eShop, which houses several of the best games on the market. Not surprisingly, the Kyoto company’s console is used to selling more games in digital format, thanks to the possibilities of the hybrid console: on TV, in bed, or away from home. Being able to play anywhere is an incentive for this type of game. Therefore, today we are going to review ten games that are very worthwhile and that will help you start 2021 in style. Take note.

Chronos: Before the Ashes

Chronos is a game with very good intentions, which wants to transfer the essence of Souls in a very particular and original format. Its pleasant artistic direction, some simply brilliant moments through the best final bosses of each phase, the demanding combat system and the good work in the lighting are its main virtues, with a very interesting touch of its own: the mechanics of aging instead of dying and what it means at the gameplay level. Action, challenge and improvements that go hand in hand.

chronos switch

Children of Morta

Children of Morta collects the essence of the hack and slash genre so present in names like Diablo or Path of Exile and is presented as a good title and a notable addition to this style of proposal that manages to shine in aspects that are usually completely ignored in other exponents . Its approach is simple, it does not do more than it can cover and it makes all its key elements work well in harmony, being very enjoyable as a whole. With great pixelart work and the attention to detail that it offers, you get caught up in much more than its playable proposition.

children of morta


Tohú is a small surprise hidden in the Nintendo Switch eShop, which allows us to live an original adventure, in a strange and wonderful universe while we overcome puzzles that are not easy at all. The characters that surround this adventure, the surprises that it offers us at the playable level and Cubus, a mechanical friend who helps us on our journey, do the rest to offer us a demanding, satisfying game with a lot of personality.


Scott pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game is the return in style after six years. It comes with a very powerful price, with online departure and with an Anamanaguchi soundtrack that is simply memorable. In addition, the amount of winks and references to the original work is a plus that is well worth it. We are facing a beat’em up with an old flavor, without being revolutionary but with two elements that are always present throughout our game: fun and entertaining.

scott pilgrim switch

Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II arrives this February on Nintendo Switch, and it does so with a most powerful proposal, improving what we saw in the first installment and at the same time, keeping the essence intact. Its ability to recreate a terrifying and haunting atmosphere is seamlessly intertwined to offer puzzles, platforms and many surprises. One of the games that we look forward to the most in the face of its imminent departure.

little nightmares 2

Among Us!

The game of the moment, at a knockdown price and perfect to betray your friends without the blood not reaching the river off the screen (or yes). It was one of the great surprises of the last Direct dedicated to indie games. With more than three million units already sold on Switch, Among Us! It is based on the pop-up gameplay: a group of people try to fix the ship they are on while one is a traitor who has to kill them and sabotage everything. Do you know who the wrongdoer is? A real vice.

among us

Kirby Fighters 2

A battle with the thousand faces of Kirby in a festive-style combat format and with a lot of options to have a great time during long sessions. An ideal fighting game to enjoy both locally and online with other players or friends, while with a style and staging reminiscent of Smash Bros, we can enjoy whatever your skill level in these types of games. And, of course, with Kirby, that always gives points of charisma.

kirby fighters 2


To talk about Undertale is to talk about one of the best indies that have passed through our hands in the last ten years. An RPG that from minimalism and almost without realizing it, puts in check the game system of a lifetime of this type of proposal while we marvel at the story, the characters and the unexpected twists and turns. It is one of those titles that can never be missing from any Nintendo Switch. It leaves no one indifferent.



Bastion was SuperGiant’s (Hades) cover letter and the demonstration that they were a different studio, with a lot of talent inside. This action game with a narrator who explains the events and an impressive audiovisual section is as simple as it is addictive, capable of surprising us with a very well measured gameplay, a way of telling the things that it catches from the beginning and creating a unique universe and worth knowing.


What Remains of Edith Finch

To speak of What Remains of Edith Finch is to speak of the pinnacle of the Walking Simulator genre. A game that accompanies you on a journey of loneliness, melancholy surprise. It is impossible not to be touched after living what this proposal transmits, in the eyes of one of the members of a family that has been gradually fading. To enjoy calmly, delighting ourselves with each moment, with each line of dialogue. A unique game of its kind.

what remain of edith finch

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