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Darkest Dungeon receives The Butcher's Circus, a DLC based on PVP

Darkest Dungeon receives The Butcher's Circus, a DLC based on PVP

Red Hook Studios is no joke in April's Fools and its announcement of a competitive multiplayer DLC for Darkest Dungeon is completely true.

Last April's Fools left us some clever jokes and others not so much, but what was not a joke is the announcement of The Butcher's Circus, a curious DLC for Darkest Dungeon focused on the PVP. Thus, Red Hook Studios surprises with more additional content for one of the best indies of recent years when they are also developing their sequel.

Competitive comes to Darkest Dungeon

In The Butcher's Circus, players form teams of 4 characters to battle each other's opponents in a special arena, which also appears in the game's main menu once the game has started. But you have to stay calm, since these characters will not be put at risk, and if they die during one of these disputes, they will continue to be available in the campaign, and it is that as we know, in Darkest Dungeon there is permanent death.

Also, Red Hook will implement online rankings, and the battles will continue to feature the iconic narration of Wayne June, the usual and more than recognizable voice of Darkest Dungeon, thus completing a DLC that adds to The Crimson Court and The Color of Madness. with even more content for this great tactical indie.

Meanwhile, in the studio they continue working, as we said, in the sequel to Darkest Dungeon, born five years ago through a successful Kickstarter campaign. In fact, in Reed Hook they have grown greatly having gone from the original five members to no less – to be a small studio – than 14, which will undoubtedly allow them to create an even better second installment. As they assured, it is most likely that it starts from an Early Access state and from there, improves based on feedback from the community.

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