Genshin Impact, the largest international Chinese launch

Analysts note that miHoyo’s game has been breaking the mold since its departure just a week ago.

Genshin Impact is already the largest launch from China in terms of video games internationally. This is attested by some analysts, noting that the title is raising more than TikTok, managing to offer more views on Twitch than Fortnite on its launch day and with an explosive start with more than 110,000 concurrent users on the streaming platform. In this sense, Serkan Toto, executive head of the consulting firm Kantan games, considers that there has not been a similar Chinese launch for all these reasons, stating the following: “I don’t think that any other game made in China has ever had the pre-registrations that it has. had Genshin Impact out of their local market. Just because of the scale of interest in the game, it is already a big impact ”.

Precisely outside of China there were more than 5 million users who previously registered on its website. The number reached 16 million on all platforms within the Chinese market, a show of force both within and outside the territory. Some numbers that are no coincidence, if we look at the investment in game development and marketing.

As miHoYo founder Liu Wei explained in local media, the development and marketing investment has amounted to more than $ 100 million. If you compare it with Hollywood blockbuster movies like Mulan or Tenet, both had an investment of about 200 million.

“Genshin Impact is very ambitious, and I think that if it takes off in the next few days and weeks like its startup, developers can have a super hit on their hands for a long time,” adds analyst Toto.

17 million downloads in 4 days on mobile

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, has also highlighted how the game Genshin Impact has been downloaded 17 million times in four days on mobile devices, not counting the PC or PS4 downloads and without taking into account that it will soon be released also on Nintendo Switch. A madness that confirms that the game is the second highest grossing in China on iOS (first in gaming), where it has added more than 1.84 million dollars according to Quimai estimates.

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Source: South China Morning Post

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