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Dragon Ball Legends: the brutal Goku UI and other reasons to return to the game

Dragon Ball Legends: the brutal Goku UI and other reasons to return to the game

Goku Ultrainstinto in signal mode and Jiren are the two new claims of a title that has changed a lot in recent months.

Insistently desired and requested, for many months Dragon Ball Legends dedicated itself to taking out characters and banners that seemed to go out of time. While in Dokkan Battle the gap in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power was being filled with characters taken from that arc, in Legends they were begging. But they are already here: Goku Ultrainstinto -signal- and Jiren are the two new claims of the current banner in the game for Android and iOS. They also come at an interesting time for those who left the game months ago. There have been several changes that are worth reviewing if you are willing to return to the title thanks to this banner.

The ultra instinct runs amok in Dragon Ball Legends

Goku Ultrainstinto is a purple-type and ranged-style character. One of the main characteristics is that it can automatically dodge attacks, shots, charges and strike and blast arts in exchange for spending its unique bar, which decreases when in combat but regenerates when resting. In addition, it deals 25% more damage in Fusion Warrior and when the battle begins it has these properties:

  • 60% more damage

  • 20% less damage taken

  • 50% ki recovery

  • Blast arts 5% less cost

To all this he also recovers ki and gives 20% more damage at 3 time counts, and + 30% at eight.

Dragon Ball Legends: the brutal Goku UI and other reasons to return to the game

His skill card (green) recovers 10% of life and 40 units of ki, and among the peculiarities of his super attack, he has blocking blast attacks while he is charging it. The character has the tags saiyan, god ki and they are family, so it is ideal to make teams of the last two, in addition to the tag “Universe Survival Saga”, which contains the Patrol of Jiren, Toppo and Dypo. In fact, its Z ability gives a 24% blast attack to this tag. Upgrade all of them, but they don’t have the Z ability for Goku UI, something to keep in mind.

Jiren is the other great character to come to the game. Of melee type and green color, it stands out for its damage boosters (50%) and ki recovery (70) when it enters combat, with an additional 50% damage if it is the last character standing, ability to recover life, extra damage when the battle begins and a skill card that destroys the cards to draw new ones, recover 50 ki and recover the evasion bar, in addition to 20% damage in strike for 20 counts. His rival tag universe for Z Ability makes him ideal for teaming up with the other members of his Patrol.

Reasons to return: Streamlined Soul Boost, story without energy cost, missions according to each player …

If you haven’t played the title for a few months, you will realize that the game has many new features that can make it interesting to return to it. The first that we can detail is linked to the story mode: now there is no energy cost for playing for the first time the chapters of the book that narrates the events of Shallot and company. Also, we can limit the power of our teams to make it much more fun and not a ride if we have content that has not been played in a while.

On the other hand, everything related to Soul Boost, equipment improvements and other details has been streamlined. The title allows us to raise the levels of the characters continuously, without having to go from one level to another, and allows, if we wish, to use crystals to pay with them for those ascents for which we lack material. Although it is not desirable, because the crystals are useful for banners and summons, it is something to keep in mind. We will also be able to improve bulk equipment and streamline this system.

Another novelty is the Mission Plan: every 14 days we can choose a type of challenge that we must solve to get points, level up and get rewards according to each level that we overcome. There are all kinds of them, from overcoming story challenges to focusing almost exclusively on PVP mode. These missions are ideal to suit our style of play, and there are also crystals among the rewards.

In general, the reward system today has many variants that are worth looking at, since we have access to new content, challenges and events from the past and present that provide a lot of variety, not to mention cooperative battles, which They were released a long time ago but they are also offering various rewards linked to missions.

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