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DrazorStudio presents Don’t Break Down, an ambitious horror simulator

DrazorStudio presents Don’t Break Down, an ambitious horror simulator

The Spanish study shows FreeGameTips its title with SDE (System of Detection of Emotions), which captures reactions in real time.

The Almeria studio DrazorEstudio has presented Don’t Break Down, its new horror simulation project planned for PC. FreeGameTips has been able to preview new images of the title, currently in development, as well as an explanation of the innovative SDE (Emotion Detection System) with which they hope to capture the reactions of the players in real time.

What is Don’t Break Down: “the first horror simulator”

DrazorEstudio defines the video game as “the first horror simulator”. The team began working in September 2017 with just two people with the aim of “taking a new step in interacting with video games.” This is how this new detection system arises, which makes use of different peripherals to create a personalized experience by being constantly observed by the game itself through records generated in real time: mouse, keyboard, microphone and webcam.

Don't break down

“After a lot of effort, being such a complex challenge, we progressively increased our ranks to 9 members during the last year. Counting among them with producers, scriptwriters and creatives of cinema, games and digital entertainment in general ”, they tell us.

Don't break down
Don’t break down

How does the SDE (Emotion Detection System) work?

The DrazorStudio SDE will be able to detect behaviors and sensations of the player in real time. The procedure will be based on the reception and processing of the information of the player’s actions through the peripherals “in order to inject that information into their avatar in the game, affecting the gameplay itself,” they say. “All this will cause our character to panic, change his tension level, suffer from tachycardia, hyperventilate, etc. Different states that will affect the performance of actions, being able to lose pulse, balance, have visions, believe to hear things … and more ”. These records will also have a direct implication in the events of the game itself, which will change depending on the player’s reactions.

Don’t Break Down will explore different fears, phobias and emotional states. Apart from this commitment to technology and the sensory, the Almería-based studio aims to surprise us with its puzzles and script, in which they fully trust. Likewise, at a technical level they classify it as a project at the height of many other high-budget projects. With references such as Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Outlast or Amnesia, DrazorStudio works hard to make a project that seeks to take a step forward in the horror genre a reality.

Don't break down

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