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Final Fantasy XIV: Square Enix expels nearly 6,000 players for real money trading

Final Fantasy XIV: Square Enix expels nearly 6,000 players for real money trading

The Japanese company recalls in a statement that these practices are not allowed because they break the balance of the game.

No matter what the game is, if it is online it will suffer from the presence of cheats. This is the case of Final Fantasy XIV, a title that was conceived as an MMORPG, so it also has its respective number of offenders. Square Enix has announced the expulsion of some 6,000 players in just one week. The reason? Have traded or advertised stocks with real money. The Japanese company has issued a statement in which it has stressed that this type of practice is not allowed, so they are penalized in the harshest possible way.

“Trade with real money [RMT en sus siglas en inglés] and other illegal activities affect the balance of the game and, therefore, are prohibited in the terms of service ”. The Japanese explain that as they have confirmed “the existence of players” who practice “these illegal activities”, they have taken action against them. Square Enix notifies that from February 25 to March 3 the following number of accounts has been banned.

  • RMT participation / prohibited activities: 5,037 accounts expelled
  • RMT-related ads: 814 accounts kicked out

Report options for players

Square Enix warns surfers and urges players who discover such cheats to “under no circumstances” engage in exploiting or disseminating this information. Instead, it prompts users to report back to the company via the ingame command to report cheating (from the menu, Support Desk, Contact Us, and Report Cheating). RMT announcements can also be reported by right-clicking on the character’s name. Select Report and then Report RMT Activity.

“We will continue to take strict disciplinary action against any account where we have confirmed RMT / illegal activity; Players should be careful and stay away from any activity that violates the terms of service.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC and PS4. It’s also coming to PS5, first through a beta that goes live in April.

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