Games to download for free or try this weekend on PS5, PS4, PC and Xbox

We discovered the best proposals to play for free this weekend, with free trials and the usual weekly rotation of the Epic Games Store.

As we usually do every weekend, we offer you a few proposals to be able to play without spending a single penny, thanks to the different promotions on various platforms. From the usual weekly rotation of the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Free Play Days, other promotions are added such as a free game trial of the ambitious Star Citizen, in addition to others that we already talked about at the time and continue to be valid such as Street Fighter V on PlayStation consoles.

Star Citizen, on PC

Until next day 25 we can enjoy a free trial of one of the most ambitious – and also controversial – games of recent years, such as Star Citizen. With absolutely scandalous and record figures in its crowdfunding campaign through its own website, however, it does not finish starting as one might expect, even if it is a huge space exploration proposal. We can play it with six ships available and during this time we will also have discounts on the full version.

Star citizen

Download the Star Citizen client

Fuser, on Xbox and PC

Harmonix, creators of Rock Band and Dance Central, do not abandon the musical games or the colors with the frenzied Fuser, who proposes us to put ourselves in the shoes of a DJ and manage the times of music as we please … or that of the public. A hilarious game that surprises due to its great variety, not only in the playable, but also in a musical offer that goes from the heavy metal of Megadeath to the 80s pop of Rick Astley, passing through the Latin rhythms of Bad Bunny or those of the queen of dance floors nowadays like Dua Lipa. We can play it thanks to Xbox Free Play Days.


Play Fuser for free on Xbox or PC

Rage 2, on PC

By Avalanche and the original creators of the IP, ID Software, Rage 2 is the sequel to the post-apocalyptic title from 2011, albeit with a much more relaxed tone and full of bright colors, more removed from the wasteland of the original game. With a lot of variety, and also colorful, in the arsenal, Rage 2 offers us an open world to explore and enjoy its firefights and completely outlandish weapons in what is the latest game from veteran Tim Willits at ID Software. We can download it and keep it forever from the Epic Games Store.

Rage 2

Download Rage 2 for free on the Epic Games Store

Absolute Drift, on PC

As an exception, Epic Games Store is not giving us one, but two games this week. Accompanying Rage 2, we can also download Absolute Drift: Zen Edition, a speed game where drifting with style is the most important thing. With minimalist graphics, this game proposes short games where the arcade spirit of beating our own scores and those of the rest of the players is what prevails above all else.

Absolute Drift

Download Absolute Drift: Zen Edition for free from the Epic Games Store

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, on Xbox and PC

The prolific Warhammer universe brings us this time a “Diablolike” with a surprising narrative section, as well as an outstanding visual aspect thanks to the license on which it is based. It has a solid playable base and a long-lasting and generous campaign in content, and although its endgame is not one of the highlights of this type of proposal, it is undoubtedly a very enjoyable title for fans of this IP who have so much and so good content has been toasting for years.


Free Trial Weekend Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr on Xbox and PC

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