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Meripodcast 13×14 RETRO: The most popular anniversaries of this 2020

Meripodcast 13x14 RETRO: The most popular anniversaries of this 2020

A review of those great games that turn years during 2020.

Juan Arenas, Sergi "Motenai", Joaquín Relaño, Carlos Forcada and Francisco Alberto Serrano conduct a program full of nostalgia in which we look back at the most emblematic games and consoles that meet round figures in this 2020. A journey of 40 years aboard the Delorean, in which we will remember some of the best titles in the history of the video game.

10 years, 20, 25, 30 ….

We will visit the games of only a decade ago, at the border of the retro, titles that we crave today but since they have 10 years behind them. We will accelerate to 2000, the year of birth of PS2, and a spectacular period for the PC player with classics such as Baldur's Gate 2, Diablo 2 or Deus Ex. From there we will jump to the fourth century, 1995, with the birth of Saturn and Playstation and the 16 bits giving some of their best games. And we will continue traveling the past to the confines of the retro to pay tribute to the colossi on which we walk.

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