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Metro Exodus arrives at Steam after a year of exclusivity in Epic Games Store

Metro Exodus arrives at Steam after a year of exclusivity in Epic Games Store

One year after leaving exclusively for Epic Games Store (PC version), Metro Exodus lands on Steam with a 40% discount for a limited time.

On February 15, 2019, Metro Exodus arrived on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In the case of this latest version, the only platform on which we could find the Deep Silver game and 4A Games was Epic Games Store. A year later, the exclusivity has ended and we can now acquire and play the title on Steam. As an initial incentive, the digital platform of Valve offers a 40% discount for a limited time until next February 18, so we can get with Metro Exodus for € 23.99 instead of the usual € 39.99.

Exclusivity ends: Metro Exodus is now available on Steam

We remember that in the months prior to the launch of the game, Steam was one of the platforms that allowed players to reserve it as long as it was unlocked. When Deep Silver signed an exclusivity contract with Epic Games, those users who had already purchased Metro Exodus through Steam received a copy equally, but this did not prevent many from revealing themselves against Deep Silver through a “review bombing”.

Even so, the situation ended up calming down and the analyzes by the users were stabilized. Currently, Metro Exodus has a 6.9 score from users on Metacritic (PC version), while the critical score rises to 82.

Metro Exodus Steam PC Epic Games Store

Today's launch on Steam comes with both content expansions, including "Sam's Story." In this DLC we put ourselves in the shoes of Sam, a former Marine of the United States Army who in the past was under the orders of Colonel Miller. Some time later, the nuclear disaster hit Russia and since then, everyone thought that the world would not be habitable again. Even so, they eventually survived in the Metro tunnels and Sam's personal mission is to return to his family home, in order to see his father again, if he is still alive.

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