Ni No Kuni, the Netflix movie, is linked to video games

Oliver appears in the anime, it's just a matter of paying attention

This month, the Ni No Kuni movie was released on Netflix, a story based on the Level-5 video game series and the famed Studio Ghibli.

This production debuted this January 16 on the streaming platform, under the baton of Yoshiyuki Momose (Porco Rosso) as director to be able to realize the argument written by Akihiro Hino (Ni No Kuni: The Witch of the White Witch) and musicalized by Joe Hisaishi composer of Spirited Away.

Can you enjoy without knowing the history of video games?

Yes, since it has all the elements of the role-playing game with a story of good rhythm that takes you from the beginning to understand everything. The axis that shares is as such, is "the other world" or Ni No Kuni and three characters (Kotona, Yü and Haru) connected through the soul with their similar of this parallel dimension. In fact, at some point in this movie, Yü and his best friend Haru joke about being the character 1 and 2 of a video game.

Ni No Kuni, the Netflix movie, is linked to video games

The history

In the argument we will know how Yü and Haru are in a kind of love trio around their friend Kotona. This will be resolved by crossing a portal to another world when they are about to suffer an accident. Subsequently, a series of events will lead them to account for the connection between the two dimensions and how their actions will affect the two universes.

Ni No Kuni, the Netflix movie, is linked to video games

The film is linked to video games -SPOILER-

Many players in the series will undoubtedly wonder if this anime is linked to video games and precisely in Latin American dubbing it can be confirmed that “grandfather” is Oliver through two dialogues.

  • At the beginning, the grandfather in the hospital said, "What if the white witch returns?"
  • And in the final battle when he gives the sword to Yü he mentions “it is no longer like when I first came with Mr. Drippy”

Recall that Drippy is the leprechaun that gives the protagonist of Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch, the magical book of the magician's Vademecum. Additional to that in the end the grandfather comes out with the same cape that you saw Oliver in the first video game.

Ni No Kuni, the Netflix movie, is linked to video games

However, the story of this anime takes place in the kingdom of Estivania, which appears in Ni No Kuni II: The rebirth of a kingdom.

This movie is definitely one of the must-sees on Netflix, since despite being moving, it has an incredible soundtrack and animations.

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