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Prices through the roof: PS5 and Xbox Series X resale skyrockets

Prices through the roof: PS5 and Xbox Series X resale skyrockets

The resale of PS5 and Xbox Series X reach exorbitant prices: more than 200 euros of extra cost to get a unit at the moment.

Demand for PS5 and Xbox Series X has exceeded any forecast. Microsoft warned a week after its launch: there will be a shortage of new generation models until April 2021. While PlayStation sees its recent shipments depleted almost by the minute, speculation around it has triggered resale.

Speculation with PS5 and Xbox Series X: more than 200 euros of extra cost for a unit

How much would a person pay to get one of them for Christmas? Websites like AliExpress allow us to get an idea of ​​the revaluation of these products in the face of the shortage of the official offer. A couple of PlayStation 5 units can fetch absurd prices: up to more than 1,500 euros. In another of the store’s entrances we can see that 4 models have been sold at a price of 674.48 euros, almost 200 euros of extra cost compared to the official retail price.

Another example of resale can be found at CEX UK. In the outskirts of the city of London, 13 units of Xbox Series X sealed are available for a value of 690 pounds, which is about 764.35 euros, compared to 499 euros marked by Microsoft.

PS5 xbox series x resale price speculation
Speculation with next-generation consoles grows due to the shortage of units.

The shortage of these consoles attracts groups of speculators, who seek to seize as many as possible to take advantage of the profit margins that are managed. Recently we saw how a British organized group reserved 3,500 PS5 and more than 1,000 Xbox Series X. They took advantage of the use of bots to identify availability in the main chains of the country before the rest of users. Plan that, luckily, has been dismantled: Very proceeded to cancel the order and later return the money.

The situation has followed the same trend in our country. In the case of Xbox, Xtralife announced more units of Series X for the past 16 of November; they sold out practically instantly. On the other hand, the main chains have had a new PlayStation 5 battery for this month of December. Game, Worten, Fnac, El Corte Inglés,, Media Markt and the commented Xtralife have already sold out those scheduled with a delivery date of December 18. Will we see more before Christmas? We do not know. Visit this link to keep up to date with the latest news on its availability.

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