Sale on Steam: quality games for € 1

We go through the cheapest bargains among the vast library of the Valve store to find some grains among the straw.

As one of the biggest Steam sales of the year, the Fall Sales are an excellent opportunity to dive into Valve’s vast store and find all kinds of deals. For some, it is an opportunity to buy that game that they had pending on their wish list, for others to buy that relatively new game that comes on sale for the first time and, for many, it is also an opportunity to find a super bargain, which is what we are going to try to offer you with this review of games with a symbolic price cap: € 1.

The “clearance basket” on Steam, where the cheapest games are, is a huge dark seabed where you can get anything, including tons of RPG Maker games (some surprisingly good and many terrible), tons of games hentai based on simple mechanics or products with little less than non-existent production values. And there are also very attractive games with an unbeatable quality / price ratio, or excellent games but already practically “retro” due to the years they have been on the market. We leave you some suggestions:


This is simply one of the best recommendations we can make. Superflight did not attract the attention of many media (its only two analyzes in Metacritic are the 7 that the prestigious Edge magazine gave it and the 8 with which it scored in our own Reviews). It has high user ratings and is a perfect game to relax for a while while exploring procedurally created territories in free flight, or to compete for the best times with other players if we prefer.

  • Superflight for € 0.74

Sale on Steam: quality games for € 1


This is a risky bet, but one that may be worth exploring if you like the theme. Blackhawk is a multiplayer pirate game, featuring ship battles comprised of up to 13 players in 54 player battles. It has all the elements we might expect, from cannon fights at sea to dog-face collisions with FPS mechanics. It is a competent and complete game, but lacking in players and therefore in updates. Surely that is why it has been lowered neither more nor less than 90%, to leave it at € 0.81, despite the fact that it came out this year, to see if it receives the flow of players it needs to continue evolving.

  • Blackwake for € 0.81

Sale on Steam: quality games for € 1


A regular on sale and one of the most robust low-cost options on Steam. It is a 3D platform characterized by its purity and the beauty of its audiovisual element. A short game with a great soundtrack that will allow us to focus on the challenge of jumping and moving forward, with no other purpose than to enjoy the challenge itself, the rich presentation and the calm nature of the experience.

  • Refunct for € 0.86

Sale on Steam: quality games for € 1

Super House of Dead Ninjas

Already a classic since its release in 2013, Super House of Dead Ninjas is a platform roguelite that will delight fans of games like Spelunky or Super Meat Boy. It is a title based on speed, ability and reflexes, with a simple but effective presentation and very careful control, which also appears full of content that has been accumulating over time. A very solid option to spend hours entertaining.

  • Super House of Dead Ninjas for € 0.69

Sale on Steam: quality games for € 1

Puzzle Agent 1 and 2

To finish our selection, we recommend these two adventures, which together are not worth more than € 1. They are puzzle games spun by a narrative component, much in the style of the Laytons, with less budget and more humor, as well as a peculiar graphic style. They are in English, but if that is not an impediment, they will give you many hours of entertainment.

  • Puzzle Agent 1 for € 0.49 and Puzzle Agent 2 for € 0.39

Sale on Steam: quality games for € 1

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