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Start a new Steam festival with 500 free demos

Start a new Steam festival with 500 free demos

Until February 9 we will have hundreds of demos available on Steam of titles that seek to stand out from the public prior to their launch

Starting at 19:00 in the afternoon Spanish time, today February 3, the Steam cover will put on its best clothes to host a new festival that will last until February 9, during which hundreds of studios will hold activities, streamings, interviews and, most interesting for many, are offered free demos of games with release dates not too distant. A perfect opportunity to nurture our wish lists and keep track of those games that attract our attention especially for the coming months (doing this contributes greatly to improving the visibility of our favorite projects and thus we contribute to increase the possibilities of best-seller for the study in question).

Steam tries to organize the days of the fair so that the greatest number of studios have their chance to shine and put themselves before the eyes of the millions of users of the platform, but with so many demos to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to know how to choose. For this reason, we leave you some suggestions for games with a certain follow-up and very promising aspect that can be a sure value to enjoy these days:

Narita boy

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest attractions of this festival will be to try the fascinating independent production of Eduardo Fornieles at the command of Studio Koba. A successful kickstarter that has been in the development ovens for quite some time and that seems ready to become one of the indie productions to follow in 2021. Imbued with a retro-futuristic spirit, dotted with references to the 80s and with spectacular aesthetics and animations , is a fixed destination for these festival days.

Steel Assault

If you are in love with run’n gun, you are a fan of Contra or Bionic Commando and you are always looking for games that continue the original legacy of these titles before the massive irruption of 3D, Steel Assault may be the game you are looking for. rada. Vibrant and colorful 2D graphics, fast paced rhythm, sugar cane music to the rhythm of synthesizers, a chord mechanic that promises excitement on the platform parts and final bosses that barely fit on the screen. Another highly anticipated demo.


We leave 2D to take a look at the latest from 3D Realms, in a good line as a hallmark after publishing Ion Fury and Ghostrunner, showing good instinct to choose what lovers of classic and carefree FPS look for on their computers. Graven seems to draw on Hexen’s inspiration, albeit with more depth of weapons, spells, and abilities to create a character and combat style of his own.


While the creator of Magic The Gathering was out of luck with his work on Artifact for Valve, his next job looks most promising (and more modest goals). Roguebook joins the new wave of card-based roguelike games, following in the wake of Slay the Spire but bringing new ideas, in this case greater strategic depth and a much more expansive procedural world with more adventure possibilities.

Shady knight

Those of us who have played Dark Messiah of Might & Magic surely remember with a smile on our faces those moments when we skewered an orc against a wall of spikes with a powerful kick. Shady Knight seems to be heavily inspired by Arkane’s work to offer us a first-person action game based on verticality and physical simulation, giving combat a dynamism that should allow us to perform epic action sequences. Another demo that claims to be followed very closely.

Windjammers 2

What can you say about Windjammer? One of the funniest sports games in the arcade and a true multiplayer vice returns from the hands that brought us Street of Rage 4, in a sequel that promises more than just renewed graphics, with new mechanics and possibilities that take the title to a new level. A sure success at this festival.

As we have discussed, there will be around 500 playable titles these days. These are some suggestions but without a doubt that by exploring Steam and the main page of the festival we can find projects that interest us. Names like Genesis Noir, ANNO: Mutationem, Chicory, Pecaminosa or Lunark will surely also stand out in these days when we can lose ourselves in the immediate future of the video game in 2021.

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