The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

We bring you a list of the most varied proposals for PC in this year of 2020. The games that best represent the best of this platform.

2020 has been a strange year, one in which some of the highest-profile games have suffered mishaps that have prevented them from reaching their potential as an incessant cavalcade of surprises assaulted our digital stores. Month after month we saw surprising quality games appear out of nowhere, a special mention to the roguelike genre that has received enough significant examples in a single year to play for a decade. Titles like Spelunky 2, BPM, Crown’s Trick or Monster Train could have been perfectly on this list any other year.

So we bring you a list of the most varied with the games that have resonated the most with us during this 2020. For this we have put prevalence in games that offer something unique to the platform, games that are played better on PC than anywhere else . Some games are here for their impeccable quality in all aspects, others are here for their impact on the environment in general, but we believe that every player will find a game to enjoy. So, we proceed to list what in our opinion are the best PC games of 2020.

Doom Eternal

The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

The sequel to the most explosive game of 2016 arrived in March and surprisingly it was not to everyone’s liking. The main culprit for this discrepancy was a too forced change for some of the optimal way of playing the title. While its predecessor left the player more freedom when choosing which instrument of death to use and focused more on searching for ammunition through the scenarios in Doom Eternal, the rhythm of combat forces the player to constantly change weapons depending on the enemies. those you face. Fortunately, over time, players discovered how to use new tools in the proper way and a title was revealed that, although it is true that thematically loses coherence with its predecessor, it becomes a true dance of death in the games. more advanced levels, a gloomy ballet between Doomguy and the hordes of Hell. Doom Eternal is action in style and its DLC promise to take it to new heights.

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Crusader Kings 3

The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

Paradox, kings of strategy, have done it again. Taking its more complex title, making it more accessible without reducing its complexity, and in the process creating a good framework for future updates would not be an easy challenge for any company, especially not when it comes to Crusader Kings II with more than half a decade of additional content. Inexplicably, Paradox has not only succeeded, but did so with one of its least controversial releases, a game set to be played and pounded for hundreds of hours from the get-go. As a creator of stories it is exceptional, a game where hundreds of systems and mechanics intertwine to get closer to the complexity of human interaction throughout history. Pious ruler of your subjects, powerful and implacable tyrant, sweet family man… What story do you want to live?

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Star wars squadrons

The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

At the time of its launch this game would not have reached this list, as you can see in our Reviews. Very close to the ideal experience for those who always wanted to replicate the Star Wars space battles, there were many edges to be polished. Fortunately, Motive Studios has not rested on its laurels, releasing not only numerous patches to fix the big and small bugs of the original game, but also dodging its original promises to start releasing free bonus content in a game that desperately needed it. The result is an experience that looks exceptional in virtual reality right now, that with a HOTAS provides an incredibly immersive experience and that is undoubtedly better on PC. If you’ve ever wanted to pilot for the Empire or the Rebels with this title you’ll be surprisingly close.

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The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

Riot used to be the single game studio. A gigantic behemoth exclusively tasked with maintaining its precious MOBA. But behind the curtain there were murmurs of new projects, of new assaults on different genres. Teamfight Tactics and Runeterra were the first blasts, spot on at the time but unable to create a profound impact in the long run. Then Valorant arrived. Undeniably inspired by Counter Strike, Riot had taken it upon himself to apply its own distinctive touch with a cast of agents whose abilities would replace Counter Strike grenades and a casualization of some mechanics that made the game more accessible to the average audience. a game that approaches the complexity of its inspiration but with a much less intimidating facade and its success is already undeniable. With soaring esport and insane player numbers, Riot has finally managed to stand up to the Valve giant by creating a new title that seems unstoppable right now.

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The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

We couldn’t make a list of the best PC games of the year without including this roguelike that represents the best the platform has to offer for the gamer. The premise is simple: use the tools that the game presents to us to explore gigantic caves where absolutely everything can be destroyed. A large toy box where we can, for example, collapse the ground of an underground aquatic accumulation to flood a room and drown our enemies or set it on fire after releasing a gas reserve. This interaction between the elements of the scenario is multiplied by the different properties of the wands that we will find, creating a game where unpredictability is predictably common and learning to react to the eventualities of the title is the real challenge. Noita is a game that shares a lot with Spelunky 2 in its design philosophy but is perhaps even more permeable.

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The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

Seven years ago a group of Czech developers was inspired by the most complex mods of Minecraft to launch an indiegogo. Since then they have not stopped working and the results are more than obvious if we look at the opinions of critics and fans about the game. In Factorio we start in a basic way, obtaining simple resources a bit like in that famous game of blocks. We soon discovered that we can create machines that automate some tasks. Hundreds of hours later we will have a factory occupying the equivalent of three hundred hunting grounds full of complex gears capable of manufacturing hundreds of units of various products per minute. Factorio is the perfect example of how progressive development with attention to consumer wishes is the perfect way to create an immortal formula.

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The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

In a year full of roguelikes there is one that has left more mark than the rest. Faced with the impregnable mechanical and systemic challenge of Spelunky 2 or Noita, Hades presents itself as a somewhat more elegant and accessible proposal. Here we will not need great doses of ingenuity to overcome insurmountable obstacles nor will we have to constantly think about our available resources. Instead we will have to perfect a fluid combat system, with its eight different weapons, each with different aspects and the possibility of combining the blessings of the gods to enhance them. But where Supergiant really shines is in everything that adorns and surrounds the playable content, in the endless conversations with the many divinities, in those stylized illustrations to exhaustion …

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Paradise killer

The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

An island that regenerates every few millennia is the setting for one of the wildest adventures of the year. Do not be fooled by the little that has been said about this game, Paradise Killer represents one of the freshest proposals of the year. With an aesthetic that is deeply reminiscent of that of the old Dreamcast, we are presented with a world where nothing is what it seems and nothing seems what it is. We will have to solve a mystery of epic proportions by interacting with a diverse cast of characters with names as impossibly memorable as Doctor Doom Jazz. To count more would mean denying you the pleasure of enjoying this playable hallucination properly.

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Half Life: Alyx

The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

There are few years in which we have the privilege of being able to recommend a title like Alyx, because not every year the schemes of how we tell stories within our environment are broken in such a way. But that’s what Valve has managed to do with the expected return of its best-known saga, using a completely new technology to cross new borders. There is not a single interaction in this title that has not been specifically designed for virtual reality and the result is an adventure where we finally truly feel that we are the heroes. This may mean that as heroes we spend half an hour looking for ammunition on each shelf we find or that instead of fleeing in terror from the first enemy we take their arms to dance a passionate tango. Alyx is a step forward in eliminating that frustration that we had as children when trying to interact with something in a video game and that it did not respond.

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The best PC games 2020 to give away this Christmas

Although there have been two “social multiplayer” titles that have achieved the most colossal success this year, Phasmophobia thanks to its built-in voice chat and the possibility of playing in virtual reality seems most essential on this platform. The game puts us and our friends in a confrontation against a terrifying entity that must be overcome. Even though the technology isn’t deeply revolutionary, the small ways we can interact with the world of Phasmophobia make it a title that every passionate about the medium should try.

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