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The PC Gaming Show will be held again in June

The PC Gaming Show will be held again in June

The PC Gamer medium confirms the return of this summer event, dedicated to computer games, which will reach its sixth anniversary in 2021.

With winter almost over, it’s time to start thinking about the traditional summer events in which each year the upcoming games are announced or set a date. Unfortunately, 2021 is once again a year marked by the pandemic, so the face-to-face conferences will have to keep waiting, but that does not mean that companies are at work to prepare broadcasts: the organizers of E3, for example, have already confirmed that they will go digital and the Summer Game Fest, an alternative sponsored by Geoff Keighley, will repeat for the second consecutive year. So it is not surprising that this weekend, the PC Gamer portal confirmed the return of PC Gaming Show in June.

The PC conference since 2015

The history of the PC Gaming Show goes back more than five years in time, since it was in 2015 when PC Gamer decided to organize for the first time a conference focused on games that did not usually have a place – or were tiptoed through – in multiplatform events. Although there is an important catalog overlap with the titles shown by companies such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts or Bethesda, in these events the focus is usually placed on the console versions, and many of the games specifically dedicated to PC, or belonging to proposals with less pull on consoles, they tend to be sideways.

The PC Gaming Show will be held again in June

Names such as Planet Coaster, Tacoma, ArmA 3 or Rising Storm 2: Vietnam paraded through that event, which he repeated in 2016 with a talk by Warren Spector (creator of Deux Ex), in 2017 predicting the Battle Royale fever from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in 2018 surpassing the number of spectators at the Electronic Arts and Nintendo conferences, in 2019 serving as a showcase for the highly anticipated Baldur’s Gate III and in 2020 adapting to the limitations of the covid to show the Mafia remake. Among many, many other games, of course (who doesn’t remember Maneater?). Let’s see what they surprise us with in 2021.

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