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Valve has new games in development; Gabe Newell wants more single player games

Valve has new games in development; Gabe Newell wants more single player games

The manager is clear in his recent statements: there are more Valve titles in the works and Newell’s interest is that there are more works for a single player.

Gabe Newell has confirmed that Valve has more unannounced games currently in development. The manager, head of the company in charge of the Steam portal, has granted a meeting with One News, a television medium from New Zealand, and has given his opinion on many issues; Among them, the controversy of Cyberpunk 2077. After the critical success of Half-Life: Alyx, considered by many as the next great revolution in the world of video games, fans wonder what will come next.

“New questions equally difficult to answer”

But Newell knew perfectly well what he could and could not answer in that meeting. As he explains, the executive has no qualms about confirming that Valve has several titles underway, but its announcements will occur when appropriate. Newell calls it “fun” to publish video games and believes that it is “great” the way they have been able to develop Half-Life: Alyx, whose announcement occurred a few months before its subsequent release.

Gabe newell
Gabe Newell | One News

The result of Alyx is summed up in a declared interest in doing more, the touchstone for an uncertain but secure future. “We definitely have games in development that we are going to announce; it’s fun to launch games. […] Alyx has been great. It is to be back with the single player titles, which have given rise to a great impulse within the company in order to do more ”, he confesses, referring to these single player experiences, far from being buried or finished. Not only this one, but many other releases focused on individual experiences have shown that 10 or 15 million copies can be comfortably surpassed; like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Marvel’s Spider-Man, among others.

But what exactly is Valve doing?

When asked if they are developing new iterations of Portal (3) or Half-Life (3), ambiguity and friendly hesitation prevail in Newell’s speech: “I have successfully avoided talking about those things for a long time and hope continue without talking about them until they are questions that we can discuss, “he adds.” Then we will move on to a new series of questions. […] The good thing is that, by not answering those questions, I prevent the community from coming up with new questions that are equally difficult to answer. From there, the conversation moves to another topic so as not to redound to what is now evident: Newell is not going to reveal anything, at least for now.

If in the future we have Portal 3 or Half-Life: 3 are things that we will discover soon; Alyx has given, now recognized by Valve, a boost to trust.

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